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We are a premium supplier and distributor of Chemical Research products worldwide. We are committed to producing the very highest quality chemicals, together with exceptional customer service, at relatively cheap prices. We are ready to sell out any quantity of our products. We will always dispatch any orders made before 3pm on the same day. Our production ability is constant and stable, and we do use descrete packaging and shipping. Our shipping is really fast as your products will be delivered to you within 3-5 days from dispatch day. We currently have the following research chemicals avilable:

Ethylone, APVP, PV8, Dibutylone, bk-DMBDB, Pentylone, AB-PINACA, AB-FUBINACA, PV9, 4F-PVP, FUBPB22, 5FPB22, PB-22, 5fur144, Ur144, aphp, Pentedrone, M11(Dimethylone), 25i-nbome, Butylone, 4FA, MN-018, 5fakb48, FAB144, NM2201, Ethylphenidate(EP), AB-Chminaca, etizolam, Testosterone, Winstrol, 4-MPD, 5-MeO-NBpBrT, PV-10, 3-CAF(marijuana), 2-BA, 4-BA, APVT, 5famb, THJ2201, 4CMC, 4-SMC, SDB-006, SDB-005, 5F-AB-FUBINACA, EG2201/EG018, FUAMB, MDPPP, MDPBP, mmb2201, px1/px2/fu-px, MMB-CHMINACA, ADB-PINACA, and ADB-FUBINACA.

All our processed chemicals are 98.00% to 99.9% Pure!!!. We do offer samples so you can test quality before eventually buying 'large'. Please contact us directly with the products you intend purchasing, so we can send you a price quote and more info. Email is dlcchems at g-mail com.

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